AllyZabba Photo Special

Do you have an AllyZabba blanket that you love? Did you give one as a gift and get a great reaction? Do you have a photo of the moment?

Send us a photo, a caption and a short description of why you like your blanket and we’ll send you a 15% Off Coupon as our “Thank you!”

What needs to be in the photos?

As long as it has an AllyZabba product in the picture, we’ll send you your coupon. We’d love to see your blanket in use or being given as a gift but anything fun will do!

Where do I send the photos?

Just send them to and mention this promotion!

What are you going to do with the photos?

We ask that you give us permission to use the photographs. They might end up on a website or in print along with your first name and the state where you live so that people can see how your AllyZabba works in real life. Of course, we can’t promise that your photo will end up in print, but it might!

What if I don’t already own an AllyZabba blanket?

Hopefully you have some awesome friends who already have one you could always borrow theirs! If all else fails, you could buy one from us knowing that you can snap a photo of it after it arrives and get 15% off your next order–most people want more than one anyway!