Playdate Crashers

A big Thank you! to Jamie at Playdate Crashers for her great review of AllyZabba.

This blanket is such a guilty pleasure, it made me wonder if they offer it in grown-up size. They DO! These blankets have major lovey potential. Kid Tested, mother approved.

My Wee View Review

Thanks Lynette at My Wee View for your thoughts on AllyZabba.

If you like luxury, you are sure to fall in love with AllyZabba. This blanket is perfect for babies or toddlers as it only measures 34 x 28, I would have loved an adult sized one to snuggle under with Genevieve. However, there is no way that the both of us can fit underneath, it’s more or less for a stroller or for a car seat. I also use it for those wonderful days when she has a mini nap on the couch, it just covers her little body and she looks so cozy. The AllyZabba blanket is a blanket that kids are going to get attached to because of how cuddly they are.

Cherry Blossoms Design

Thank you Kiley, from Cherry Blossoms Design, for her kind words about AllyZabba.

I love the quality of the TravelZabba…its so beautiful {My friends have already asked me where I got it!}. My son is almost two months old and is in LOVE with his TravelZabba it goes everywhere with him. My daughter who is four years old keeps taking her brothers TravelZabba and keeps asking me for one of her own…! Looks like I will be heading back to AllyZabba very soon! I really want to get her an AllyZabba Aloha blanket…they are just GORGEOUS! AllyZabba blankets make wonderful gifts for newborns and older kids too!

Milan Maternity

Milan Maternity has given AllyZabba high praise.

The TravelZabba is PERFECT for traveling, car rides, and for my son, something for him to snuggle to sleep. As soon as I pulled it out of the package, my little buddy grabbed it and held it up to his cheek. It was love at first sight. It is so very soft! Okay, I’m not going to lie, it is THE SOFTEST blanket I’ve ever touched. AllyZabba blankets are high quality and luxurious little snuggles for babies, toddlers, AND adults. They are sure to become the favorite lovey!

Simple Mom Review

Carinn at SimpleMom Reviews weighed in on AllyZabba. Sounds like we passed the test!

The newest addition to our beloved lovey collection is a TravelZabba from AllyZabba. I have to point out AllyZabba’s return policy. In my experience, companies don’t offer guarantees like that unless they’re serious about making sure their products live up to the standards and quality they promote. Both sides of our TravelZabba are so soft that I was wishing it was a bigger blanket so I could have one for myself.

Coffee with the Mrs.

Thank you to Amy at Coffee with the Mrs. for her kind review of

She says,

I’ve been shopping around for something small, cuddly, and girly for the baby on the way. On my hunt, I found AllyZabba and their collection of blankets in different colors and sizes. These blankets are exactly what I was looking for.


picture-4The doctor over at Popshopology has prescribed the MegaZabba for those who have sensory overload.

Think this is just another baby blankie? Think again! This blankie is man (or woman) sized! Shove off tots! Super silky on on side and furry on the other.  Finally. A woobie for us big babies. Perfect for snuggling with whenever you feel a tantrum coming on or when you’re obviously cranky because you didn’t get enough sleep. Go settle down now, would you?

The Voice of Mom


Cate, at The Voice of Mom, gave her verdict on AllyZabba.

As soon as my daughter saw what was in the box when I opened it, she climbed onto my lap, took the blanket from my hands, and held it up to her cheek.  Minutes later, she was lying on the floor with it, sucking her two fingers.  She cracks me up.  But this blanket was made for her … and your baby too.  It’s so incredibly soft, you just want to wrap yourself in it, curl up on the couch and take a nap.  Perfect for a shower gift, just because, or for your own little one, the colors are vibrant, the blanket soft and the user happy.  What more could you want?

petit elefant

AllyZabba is thrilled to have new fans over at Petit Elefant.  Thanks for the kind words, and sorry that the kidspetit are fighting!

My kids are fighting to the death over our ‘family’ Allyzabba blanket {called the MegaZabba}. Plush fabric on the front & silky smooth on the back makes the perfect sensory experience for your little ones. Those little nubs on the fabric make for hours of self soothing, and who doesn’t need a little of that once in a while? I’m not raising my hand, but I should.