Design for Mankind

Thanks to Erin at Design for Mankind who posted about AllyZabba blankets. She says,

..these blankets are not only trendy, but a LIFESAVER for stressed out moms with a screaming babe.”

Licorice Mint

Licorice Mint, a site dedicated to finding fabulous and functional products for moms, has reviewed their AllyZabba. It reads in part…

I am a big fan of the AllyZabba and intend on purchasing them for my friends as new baby gifts. They are a bit different (baby gifts can get a bit dull and predictable) and so special. I intend to keep it as a keepsake for my daughter.

Indie Business Blog

Thanks to Donna Maria for her fabulous article about AllyZabba on her blog, Indie Business Blog. Her site is dedicated to “..helping you enjoy your life, build your business and have your way.”

She comments,

Here is some of Jill’s story, and pictures of some blankets that almost make me want to have another child just so I can wrap him or her up in one. I said almost.”


Classy Mommy LogoClassy Mommy posted their first-hand review by their resident expert:

Within 5 minutes of receiving the AllyZabba, Mackenzie wanted to snuggle and cuddle and carry it everywhere around the house.

We think she liked it.

We’ve Been Found…

The Mommy Insider has given the AllyZabba blanket another great review:

The polka dots make for a timeless, trendy look and the softness of the plush and the coolness of the silk are sure to comfort even the fussiest of babies…”

The Daily Stroll

The Daily Stroll
The Daily Stroll endorsed our TravelZabba as the “perfect lovey” in their daily editorial:

AllyZabba is a blanket company that uses the silkiest satin backings and plush colorful fabrics to make their popular and trendy blankets”

Mighty Good Stuff…

Mighty Goods Logo Mighty Goods wrote a yummy AllyZabba review:

Softer than a baby’s butt. Compare and contrast, if you don’t believe me…They’re machine washable and buttery delicious. A fine extravagant gift for a baby shower.”

A great review from a great site (both Forbes and Business Week named Mighty Goods the best shopping site around).

So Swanky Award

So Swanky Award!AllyZabba has been recognized by with the “So Swanky Award” for our AllyZabba blanket.

Excerpts from the review:

Words cannot describe how SOFT this blanket is! It has to be the softest blanket out there! This is a very swanky blanket and definitely gets the swanky seal of approval ~ it just feels like luxury! This blanket is definitely going to Hollywood! Treat your baby like a celebrity and buy an AllyZabba!”

Mommies With Style

The trend following site, “Mommies with Style” has featured’s signature product, the AllyZabba. The favorable article reads in part:

These blankets are so much higher-end and worthy of a baby than any cheap cotton blanket out there. The blankets from AllyZabba are plush and cozy. They have the varied sides — intriguing for infants hands…”