As you may have heard, Heather Ledeboer lost her baby boy, Sawyer, only 3 weeks before he was due. She’s asked for our prayers during this difficult time. If you haven’t already had a chance, take a moment to read this post to hear her a message from Heather’s heart.

In addition, we know a lot of us in our little community would like to do something tangible for Heather and her family during this time. We’ve contacted a local company in Idaho who is helping us to assemble ready-to-cook meals and deliver them to the Ledeboer’s on our behalf. It’s a small thing that we can all do to reach out to support them during this time in a tangible way.

Use this widget to donate a meal for about $20, or perhaps several meals. We’ll include your name, business name and your comment in a card we’ll send along with the meals:

We’ll pay the Paypal processing fees so 100% of your donation will go directly towards providing meals to the Ledeboer’s. If we get a lot of donations, we’ll deliver food once every few weeks for as long as we can.

Update: You guys are amazing! As you can see, we’ve reached our initial goal and will be able to provide meals for the Ledeboer’s for several months! If you’d like to continue to contribute, feel free and we’ll either continue to provide more meals, or perhaps even find another way to show the family our support in this time with your donation. Thanks!

Thank you for being the flowers along the road and the rainbow in the stormy sky.”
Heather Ledeboer

Thanks so much for your support of the Ledeboer’s during this time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or call us at 866-367-1699.