The AllyZabba Way

At AllyZabba, we craft each reversible baby blanket with both a silky and plush fabric to provide comfort and care to each child. Designed specifically to replicate the texture of a mother’s womb, our soft, silky blankets are created for babies, newborns and children of all ages.

A grateful doula recently sent over the following praise for AllyZabba’s unique creations:
“You’ve got this one right. I use silky blankets with my client’s children and once the kids see the blanket they start getting sleepy. A silky blanket is the one thing I tell new parents that they actually need for their newborn.”

The AllyZabba Story

Introducing Jeanne Downing. Jeanne was born in Colorado, but grew up in Spokane Washington from the age of 7. She is an identical twin and has a younger brother as well. Her twin sister and brother are all within 18 months of each other, so they grew up as a close family. When Jeanne graduated High school, she attended Brigham Young University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design/Clothing and Textiles. She learned to sew from her mother at the age of about 10 and grew to love it. After switching majors a couple of times, she landed on fashion design because of her love of sewing and creating. Shortly after marrying, her husband joined the Air Force and subsequently was stationed in England, Japan and then Germany where he retired with 20 years of service. During that time she kept up her sewing skills by working in alterations and custom sewing. She has two beautiful daughters who were born in England and this was the beginning of a new love of hers…children. She decided to devote that part of her life to being a full time mother and has never regretted the time she had being home with them. When her second daughter started first grade, she began working at the base school and worked with kindergarten and found joy in it as well as being a mother. Working with her own children and school children for 18 years now, she is no stranger to what children need and what mothers need. Now that she has one in college and one, a sophomore in highschool, AllyZabba is her new adventure. She is so excited to bring you products that make you and your little ones happy.

AllyZabba was birthed in 2005 by Jill Bredow. After her daughters were born Jill started sewing custom blankets for her girls and friends. Every time she’d go out with a new blanket she received compliments from people asking where she purchased such cuddly and trendy blankets. So, AllyZabba began. After 10 successful years an opportunity for Jill’s family to live overseas brought about a need to pass the torch to a new owner, Laura Davies. And now with a job opportunity for Laura’s husband, she and her family have moved overseas as well and have passed that torch to Jeanne. Jeanne has been sewing for Laura for 2 years now and has been managing it for the last 6 months and has an extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of the business. She really knows what makes AllyZabba great and will continue to offer the same great quality, service and easy to use website you’ve come to know.