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Why Silk?

Why do we make all of our baby blankets with a silky fabric on one side?

Babies, especially newborns, love the feel of silk against their skin. We’re not 100% sure why, but we’ve been told that silk is very similar in texture to the lining of the womb! You will probably notice your baby reacting to the soft silky texture right away. Babies cuddle to sleep on a silky blanket like nothing else.

If your newborn needs some extra encouragement, we recommend letting mom and dad use the blanket for a few hours before baby does. The familiar scent should complete the illusion for your newborn and help them love their new blanket.

Of course, we also know new parents need a machine washable blanket too so all of our “silky” material is actually a special polyester satin that you can throw them in the wash (cold water please) and then line-dry.

“You’ve got this one right. I use silky blankets with my client’s children and once the kids see the blanket they start getting sleepy. A silky blanket is the one thing I tell new parents that they actually need for their newborn.”

–Our friend Talitha, a Los Angeles area Doula