Best Customer Service Ever

I have a 4 year old son who has been very in love with his blanket from day one. He recently lost it and after an exhaustive search we finally faced the fact that it was gone for good. My son is on the autism spectrum and change is very difficult for him. After contacting Jill at AllyZabba, she found the out of stock fabric, made and shipped a new blanket in the span of 24 hours! We were blown away and will be forever customers of this wonderful company!


Like New

We were given a gift set of your blankets when my daughter was born. She is nearly four now and her blankies are still as silky and fluffy as when they were new. She sleeps with one each night. I’ve had to purchase a couple more just to ensure one was always clean. We love your product and can attest to its durability if washed in cold and line dried. Thank you.


Special Gifts

I just have to let you know, I just bought what I think is my 10th AllyZabba as a gift. I was introduced to AllyZabba blankets about 4 years ago and ever since, all the special babies in my life have received one as a gift. Time and time again, my friends and relatives tell me how much their little ones love these blankets. The blankets are so soft, snuggley and beautiful. Thanks for making such a fantastic product!

Ali, Washington

The Best Find Ever

When my granddaughter was just a couple months old she developed very sensitive skin. She loved to itch her face in blankets. She would cause great irritation to her sweet skin. We knew we needed to find a blanket that was soft and that she loved. We found AllyZabba searching online. It was without a doubt, the best find ever!!

We have purchased 3 of the travel blankies. One is called (more…)

Lovey of Choice

I bought a candy pink dots blanket. My now 10mo daughter LOVES it. It’s her lovey of choice. Whenever she sees it she puts her fingers in her mouth and snuggles against it. Whenever she’s upset/overtired/grumpy, I wrap her in the blanket so that she can feel the softness on her head and play with the blanket in her hand it she finds it very soothing and it relaxes and comforts her. Thank you for a wonderful product!


Something Blue

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. My daughter’s AllyZabba lovey a.k.a. “blue blankie” is nearly four years old and is her favorite blanket. We’ve washed it dozens of times, and it still looks great. At this rate, I imagine she’ll be carrying it down the aisle on her wedding day.


Our Favorite

I wanted to drop a little line to let you know how much we LOVE and are using the AllyZabba blanket with our little newborn.  It seriously is our favorite blanket!  Thanks again for a fabulous product! Cheers!

Fabulous Fun Finds

Quick & Easy

It was a great, quick, easy, and painless checkout process. THANK YOU!!

Kari, Salem, VA


Just wanted to thank you for your QUICK service- I ordered on a Sat.nite and re- ceived it Fri. a.m. as we were literally leaving TN to meet our daughter out of state-had just found out she is pregnant and wanted AllyZabba pastel dots/choco. She was THRILLED! (and surprised!!) Thanks again.

P, Franklin, TN