Creme de la Creme

Alisha and her family at The Great Mum Adventure has become a Zabba loving family!

“Graham carries his TravelZabba everywhere! The car, the stroller, heck he takes it outside to play with. It’s never far from him – definitely a security thing. With it’s compact size, it can go anywhere! Made with a silky satin retro Dino print and a super plush chocolaty brown backing, AllyZabba’s are the creme de la creme of baby blankets in my opinion.”

Design for miniKind

A very special thank you to Erin Loechner of Design for miniKind for including AllyZabba in her “Best Baby Blanket” list.designforminikind

A forever blanket is a big deal (I can’t help but think of how many future photos it will be in, or if she’ll want to pass it on to her own children?), so I’ve been shopping around with a very selective eye. Here are some lovely options I’ve spotted (31 of them!)

My Real Review

A huge thanks for Jayme at My Real Review for her great review of AllyZabba. We are honored to have received My Real Review’s Seal of Recommendation.

Is your diaper bag bursting at the seams and you find that you still need space to squeeze in your baby or toddler’s security blanket? Do you struggle to keep your child’s favourite blanket clean because it is being dragged and carried everywhere? The AllyZabba TravelZabba may be what you’re looking for!


Stephanie from MamaBreak told her readers what she thought of AllyZabba.

I think ALL moms should get an Ally Zabba for their kiddos. My little guy just LOVES the feel of his new Travel Dino Ally Zabba. I love the vibrant colors and the two textures of this super-fun blankie. I was impressed with the presentation of the travel Zabba right away. My blankie came in a cute little mesh/silk bag with a tie. Also included were washing instructions (Anyone else have issues with remembering HOW to launder an item bought online!?! This was a great solution!).

Savy Mommy Moments

Special thanks to Kelley at Savy Mommy Moments for sharing the AllyZabba love with her readers.

What’s an AllyZabba?! Well, it’s only one of the most heavenly blankets every made. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to blankets, especially those for my babies, they must be two things: really soft and very cute! AllyZabba certainly lives up to both, as every blanket has a silky satin and a plush soft side that are irresistible.

Proverbs 31 Mama

Rebekka from Proverbs 31 Mama was kind enough to share her love for AllyZabba.

This is such a brilliant idea! I can’t believe I never thought of it! As new moms, we are always looking for ways to make our little babies feel more comfortable – swaddling them so they feel like they’re in the womb, giving them toys that mimic the sound of mom’s heartbeat, etc. So why not give them a blankie that “feels” like mommy too!!! The folks at AllyZabba even suggest that mom use the blanket for a couple of hours before giving it to her little one. – That way the blanket will not only feel like mommy, but smell like her too!

Smile A Day

Thanks to JaKell from Smile a Day for sharing her thoughts on AllyZabba!

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle their little one in style, and snuggle with an adorable, extremely soft travel size blanket from AllyZabba. We are very happy with the material, quality and overall appearance of this cute lightweight snuggly and “K”couldn’t agree more! The Dino Print is simply adorable but they also offer other cute prints too in pastel dot, camo, aloha and chocolate.

Mommy Rantings

A huge thanks to Bethany at Mommy Rantings for her review of AllyZabba!

Forget about the fact that they are adorable and come in the cutest of cute prints, forget about the quick shipping…and forget about the fact that they are hand-made completely without imperfections…What I loved the most was the texture of the fabrics. I can’t tell you which side of the blanket that little man likes the best, because he just snuggles up against it, no matter which way it is put on him. Yes, I would highly recommend an AllyZabba blanket as a special gift for a special baby!

From One Mom to Another

Thanks to Amy at Mommy Mentor for putting AllyZabba to the test.

I kinda feel like we have a lot of blankie knowledge and could give their blankets a good hard review. Alas, the trendy reversible plush blankets passed the test with flying colors.

AllyZabba offers some beautiful fabric choices such as Camo and Chocolate, and recently added a fun new Dino design to their line. I personally love the Chocolate Pastel Dot…or Chocolate anything for that matter for a little girl. The lush fabric is incredibly rich looking in the deep brown.