Go-to Gift

I love the blankets, they are my “go to” gift for baby showers and announcements.

Andrea, Pacifica, CA


Your product is great, the packaging is beautiful and I’m really impressed with the speed and efficiency with which I was able to receive my order. Keep up the great work!

Suzi, Woodland Hills, CA

Quick Response

I was impressed with how responsive you were and faster with shipping than your website even promises.

Nancy, Kalispell, MT

Loving AllyZabba

My son LOVES these blankets! If it is bedtime or naptime, he absolutely has to have it or there is no sleeping involved. He will look for his “bankie” whenever he is tired. We left it at home when we went to the beach for a week, and needless to say, nobody got much sleep that week! I have a spare for his Nana’s house, his Grandma’s house, and one for the car! Thanks for a great product!

Kristina, Berea, KY

Back for More

I predict I’ll be ordering again. I’m just waiting to hear about more friends being pregnant!

Jennifer, Citrus Heights, CA

Better Sleep with AllyZabba

A couple of months ago I purchased a blanket for my daughter and she loves it! She uses it all the time. Because of that, I’m going to give them as gifts to three of my sisters and my best friends who are all due in the next two months.

Thanks for making such a mommi saver. Once it’s in my daughter hands she knows it’s time to sleep and she never gives me a battle. Thanks!!!

Lilly A.
Inglewood, California

Loving AllyZabba

I just had my 5th child. I have TONS of baby blankets but this is the only one we use. I LOVE this!



My son has several blankets. He likes them but when we got this one in the mail, I put it over him and he burst out laughing. He loves to stare at it while he is nursing.


Love it!

Everywhere I go people ask me where I got the blanket. It is definitely a hit! It is so soft! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!