The Best Find Ever

When my granddaughter was just a couple months old she developed very sensitive skin. She loved to itch her face in blankets. She would cause great irritation to her sweet skin. We knew we needed to find a blanket that was soft and that she loved. We found AllyZabba searching online. It was without a doubt, the best find ever!!

We have purchased 3 of the travel blankies. One is called the Nana blanket. It lives at my house and she sleeps with and carries with her the other two. She is 3 now and still loves her blankies. We have washed them repeatedly and the hold up very well. I Can’t wait for my kids to have more children so that I can spoil them with more AllyZabba blankies!

Thank you for putting love into your product. We can tell.

Donna, North Carolina