The AllyZabba Girls

The AllyZabba Way

At AllyZabba, we craft each reversible baby blanket with both a silky and plush fabric to provide comfort and care to each child. Designed specifically to replicate the texture of a mother’s womb, our soft, silky blankets are created for babies, newborns and children of all ages.

A grateful doula recently sent over the following praise for AllyZabba’s unique creations:
“You’ve got this one right. I use silky blankets with my client’s children and once the kids see the blanket they start getting sleepy. A silky blanket is the one thing I tell new parents that they actually need for their newborn.”

The AllyZabba Beginning

Jill Bredow, owner of AllyZabba, has spent most of her life surrounded by kids. From her formative years helping out with Sunday School to her graduation day at Biola University where she majored in Liberal Studies, she has been “all about” kids. Immediately after graduation, Jill began teaching in a local elementary school and continued to enjoy the classroom for several years. It wasn’t until her own kids were on the way that she paused her career for the position of full-time Mom.

Once her daughters were born, Jill started sewing custom blankets for her daughters and friends. Every time she’d go out with a new blanket she received compliments from people asking where she purchased such cuddly and trendy blankets. Later that year, AllyZabba was born. The online store, named after a strange combination of her two daughter’s nicknames, immediately became a success. Sewing blankets, working with resellers and designing new products for the site occupies all of time the kids are away at school and often late into the night. Hearing the great feedback on her products has been the biggest reward and keeps Jill endlessly inspired.