AllyZabba has partnered with the Long Family to raise funds for their adoption. Read their letter and participate by clicking the link below.

Buy a Beautiful Blankie, Help bring our new Daughter home!

    It’s a win, win…. If you contribute from this AllyZabba fundraising link, you will receive a beautiful AllyZabba Blankie and you will be helping us bring our beautiful daughter home. In June of 2007, I happened upon a waiting child list and saw the most beautiful little girl staring back at me. I wanted to inquire about her, but I knew that we had just been home from China with our daughter for 6 months and people would think we were crazy for wanting to adopt again. Nevertheless, I kept going back to her picture and kept feeling like she was meant to be ours. My husband was deployed and I was sure that he was not going to say yes to another adoption so soon either. So, I watched the list and found out that nobody had petitioned for her. My heart was aching for this precious little girl who was growing up halfway across the globe. I finally got the nerve to inquire and I was politely turned away. As another application deadline approached, I inquired again. This time, I was told that if nobody came forward to petition for this little one, we would be considered. My heart leapt and was filled with joy. I had mentioned her to my husband, but not told him of my inquiry.

    I began to gather the necessary documents to be ready to apply. My husband came home from being deployed and he said “yes”. All the pieces were coming together. The agency told me that other families were now beginning to inquire about her too. She was one of a few children remaining on the waiting child list. I prayed that she was meant to be ours, but if she wasn’t I only wanted the best for her. We submitted our application for her, not knowing if any other families had done so as well. On Friday, June 29, 2007 I received the phone call that will change our lives forever! We were matched by the agency with this beautiful little girl that we already knew was meant to be ours.

    The very next day, I received an unrelated bill in the mail for $15,000.00. I laughed because I knew that this was a test of my faith. Needless to say, finances are becoming a little tight as we try to pay for everyday life and fund our adoption. During our first adoption, we did not have to fundraise (Praise God!). It wasn’t always easy, but the money came and we did not incur any debt. This time, it just seems like our faith is being tested as every bill seems to be due at the same time… property taxes, homeowner’s insurance etc.

    I have a hard time just asking anyone for money. So, I partnered with the wonderful folks at AllyZabba after seeing their beautiful blankets. They have been so kind and gracious. Thirty percent of purchases made from this link will be deposited into our ChipIn account and used toward our adoption expenses. If you know anyone who is having a baby, adopting a child, or already has a child at home consider buying one of these beautiful blankets. Please forward our link to anyone who may be interested. Not only will you receive a beautiful, quality crafted blanket, you will also be contributing to a miracle!

    Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! ~The Long Family

    AllyZabba will update our efforts each month and you can watch a miracle in progress.

After you click the “Participate” button below, 30% of everything you buy from will be applied towards the adoption and will show up in the “Chip In” account above.

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